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QA South West: about us.QA South-West provides comprehensive support for schools and education providers across the South-West and the UK. QA South-West is owned and run by Paul Garvey, an experienced educational consultant who has wide past experience of school inspection. He also has extensive experience in quality assurance of local authority provision and privately owned 14-16 provision. He has worked with many nursery leaders, primary school headteachers, secondary school and Academy headteachers and principals, private providers for 14-19 learning, as well as heads of children’s services and chief executives in local authorities. He has completed NPQH and has worked in secondary school leadership roles and in local authority consultancy, as well as working for Ofsted.

The main areas of our work include.

School Reviews

Firstly, we provide bespoke support for all schools and providers, including local authorities. Through face-to-face meetings and joint learning walks, headteachers/principals/setting managers/company owners/chief executives and their senior leadership teams will find themselves very well placed to meet the challenges of school improvement through our help.

“Talk for Teaching”

Paul’s unique vehicle for helping teachers to improve the quality of their teaching and thus improve the achievement of their pupils through improved powers of learning. It involves joint reflections by a number of adults in one lesson, together with Paul, or a similarly experienced professional. The key is talking, sotto voce, throughout an observation and engaging the Teacher and TA  (The “sparks”) in discussion with the reflectors. Teachers have found the process transformational in bringing new ideas to their own classrooms.

Heads, Co-operative trusts, Teaching school alliances and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) are all finding that by using this method,  they can collectively demonstrate to the DfE that they really can improve the Quality  of Teaching in their collaboration and can thus increase the overall proportion of Good, or better Ofsted outcomes for their schools.

Pupil premium reviews

Paul leads pupil premium reviews in schools. In bigger schools, this can be done with a team from a MAT, Paul’s own team, or, in a smaller school Paul can do this on his own. Preparation takes a day’s work. In school is one, or two days and the write-up of a report/action plan an extra day.

Headteacher appraisal

Paul is very experienced in supporting governing bodies as their external advisor in headteacher/principal appraisal. In 2016, Paul acted in this role for 21 governing bodies in primary and secondary schools. He has supported MATs in appraising all their headteachers and believes this is an extremely important process that can drive school improvement.

Consultant Commissioning

Secondly, through a network of extremely experienced practitioners and consultants, QA South-West can also provide the following in all key stages and settings: pedagogy support, both whole school and in any curriculum area;

  • subject, Key Stage and phase-specific support from experts;
  • assessment for learning with nationally trained consultants;
  • teaching and learning reviews with a team of experienced consultants who will help to skill up leaders in judging the quality of teaching in their school, but Paul won’t help you to grade lessons. Sorry; that should be a thing of the past;
  • RAISE and data training in a staff and governor-friendly way. Your colleagues will be data nerds at the end of a session!

Indeed, our consultants can provide a range of specific support across the educational spectrum which can be tailored to your needs and planned with you. Through joint lesson visits with at least two staff in the classroom with us, we will help to transform how your staff feel about being visited and we will help to produce clear improvements in the quality of teaching in your school.

Experienced Quality Assurance.

Thirdly, we can provide experienced quality assurance for all aspects of educational provision. For example: a Local Authority who needs to assess the quality of a headteacher, or its Early Years provision, or the quality of its 14-16 providers, or it’s sixth forms; a secondary school, or academy, wishing to assess the quality of a department head, or needing support for an interview panel, a primary school wishing to judge the quality of its creative curriculum, or a private provider wishing to know how well a proposed change in its offer will be received by the schools that access its services.


Please email Paul for a full list of schools with whom QA South-West have worked.