Consultant Commissioning

QA South-West: commissioning.


In a post LA era, QA South-West is experienced in putting schools in touch with very experienced professionals who can cover all aspects of educational need, from working with Key Stage leaders, improving phonics, evaluating nurseries and pre-school settings, to supporting individuals and working with departments at GCSE, or “A” Level, or providing whole-school INSET. If you have a particular need, for which you are finding difficulty in finding the support you need, please contact QA South-West via the “contact page“, phone, or email. We’ll reply quickly and we’ll discuss your needs and how we could support. Should the work commissioned not come up to expectations, QA South-West will offer you a full refund.

The team that QA South-West can now call on, in addition from Ofsted support in all areas, includes:

Literacy support at Primary level (inc from an excellent ex-National strategies consultant).
Phonics support from an ex-local authority consultant and phonics expert, a lead inspector and from Early Years Foundation Stage advisors.
English support at KS3/4/5 from an experienced National Strategies consultant and Ofsted inspector.
SEAL support at Primary and Secondary level from an experienced LA advisor.
MFL support from several ex-National Strategies consultants.
Support in other Foundation Subjects at secondary level from a team of experienced consultants.
Numeracy support at Primary level from an ex-local authority advisor.
Literacy support at Primary level from an experienced ex-local authority consultant.
Mathematics support at Secondary Level from an ex-local authority mathematics consultant.
Assessment for learning (all areas) and School improvement support at Primary and Secondary level from a team of excellent consultants with wide experience of school improvement.
T&L reviews via lesson observations and in-subject support from a team led by Paul Garvey, at Primary and Secondary level.
Support from nursery schools from an experienced lead inspector.
Support for headteachers and senior leaders from serving and ex-headteachers, ex-Local Authority advisors and lead inspectors.
Support for MLD special schools from a serving headteacher and Lead inspector.
Support for EBD schools from a serving headteacher.

and of course, Talk for Teaching


We can also put consultants and practitioners who are looking for work, in touch with schools. If you are interested in working with QA South-West, either in this area, or in providing expertise for conference workshops, please go to the “Consultant sign-up” page, where you will find a registration form with a space for a resume. You will need to mention where you heard about QA South-West and you’ll need to provide a contact/contacts, known to Paul Garvey, who will be willing to talk about your work. Paul will then arrange a face-to-face meeting, before committing to work with you. With its promise of a refund to schools if the support is not of the standard they would have expected, QA South-West has to be sure about the quality of all our consultants.

As Local Authorities cut back sharply over the next few years, QA South-West understands that the schools will still have a need for experienced support they can trust. We also understand that there are exactly those people out there who have the skills to provide that support, but will not be working for an LA. Many of those people are already known to Paul, through his work across the South-West. If he knows you already and he has discussed this role with you, there is no need to provide a reference person.

QA South-West will bring guaranteed quality support and advice to collaborative structures, schools and settings that are in need.