Help with your self-evaluation

Self-Evaluation Help

I have extensive experience of helping schools to produce a persuasive self-evaluation in order to face inspection and I’ve worked with over 100 schools, revising, improving and honing their self-evaluations. Heads testify greatly to the usefulness of the process. A self-evaluation has only one purpose for me; to put an idea of the grade you wish to achieve into the head of the person leading your inspection, be that an HMI, or an Ofsted inspector.

A persuasive self-evaluation can form the backbone of your inspection preparation. It helps you to take control of your inspection, right from the start and provides a corporate document from which SLT, middle leaders, teachers, governors and all adults can speak. The key is to explain your pupil outcomes well, painting a year picture for your inspection team of the progress pupils make in all phases of your school.

For this purpose, I have produced two templates one for a primary SEF and one for a secondary SEF, which you can then use as the basis for your writing, They can both be found here. Any problems, just get in touch and I’ll email the relevant one to you. For this there is no charge; please use these as you wish. If, after writing your SEF to the template, you wish me to disassemble and reassemble your arguments, data and explanations to produce the most persuasive argument possible, that takes me a day’s work.

Good luck in writing. If you wish me to write your SEF for you, it would take a day’s visit to your school, speaking with all relevant stakeholders, then three days work at a distance. I’ve done this for several headteachers in primary schools, who all baulked at losing their holidays to write their SEF! I can sympathise and I will help, if you feel the same way.