School reviews.

QA South-West: School reviews.

To conduct a school review is a route that many schools take at apposite times, for a whole range of reasons. It can be a process that will allow you to be forewarned and forearmed for your next inspection, of course, but it can also enable you to take stock of where your school is at any time. Every single setting that has taken advantage of this service from QA South-West has reported how incredibly useful it was.

QA South-West will not, however, perform ‘mocksteds’, in the Ofsted sense of the word, which put teachers under pressure. There is no need. It is the outcomes produced by leaders at all levels that is being examined and *not* individual teachers. Instead, we will assess the quality of teaching in the school overall, in the same way that inspectors would – via looking at the systems in place, looking at outcomes and looking at leadership to ensure that their assessment of the quality of teaching in the school matches what the outcomes are showing. At the same time, we will help staff to realise that they should not be under individual pressure from inspection and that they can, instead, take control of the process and can speak with and learn from, any observers.

In addition to bespoke reviews, QA South-West can put schools in touch with the right people. With the lack of capacity that will soon be apparent in many local authorities, schools need someone they can trust to recommend the right people with the appropriate skills to support them, because that need won’t go away. Approaching the wrong support can be an expensive waste of precious school budgets and we will guarantee the quality of the support with a refund if the support we commission doesn’t live up to your expectations.