RAISE support

SEF and RAISE support

One of the cornerstones of QA South-West’s support for schools is the innovative way in which CPD is offered in terms of RAISE support for school leaders. Understanding your RAISE and what it can show over time in terms of your school achievement is a key element of inspection preparation. It is important that all leaders are conversant with what RAISE shows from middle leaders to headteacher and governors. It simply isn’t good to have people in any leadership positions saying ‘I don’t understand data’.

This will take a day’s work overall, with an analysis of your RAISE onlines from the last two years, together with how your current data looks in comparison, prior to a half-day meeting in school.

You can invite whom you feel would benefit most from the discussion meeting. Lasting about 3 hours, we will examine all the documents in detail. In previous, similar meetings, the following have been present: the headteacher, chief executive, centre manager or principal; members of the senior leadership team; other middle leaders with particular responsibilities, e.g. Heads of English and mathematics, Head of EYFS, Head of Sixth Form, subject co-ordinators, governors or trustees.

These meetings are designed to give confidence to all that he school is being presented in the best possible light and with everyone talking the same school improvement language/Ofsted language. In addition, the meetings are excellent professional development for all attendees, in terms of data interpretation. As such, all leaders who have booked Paul in for this process speak of outstanding value for money.

These meetings can take place at any time. From his experience, Paul will suggest avenues to follow to tackle any weaknesses highlighted in the data. Schools and settings are now finding it very useful to weave these meetings into their planning cycle on an annual basis. In doing this, the extent to which plans have been realised can be evaluated and this robust monitoring can be included in your self-evaluation.

Issues for school improvement will inevitably arise from these meetings. If particular subject, or pastoral support concerns are highlighted, QA South-West can commission others to support your school/setting, from a range of personally known and skilled practitioners, or Paul will undertake work himself. Often the school or setting asks for specific support such as: teaching and learning reviews focussing upon identifying strengths and areas for improvement, via joint observations with senior staff responsible for the monitoring; whole staff/governor training on data.