Pupil Premium Reviews

Paul is experienced in leading pupil premium (PP) reviews in schools, as he is with leading whole-school reviews This can be done both with a team in a larger secondary school or with just Paul in a smaller primary school. I follow the Teaching School Council (TSC) guidelines, producing an action plan as a result of the review. The reviews take usually involve 3 days work, with preparation, the in-school review and the production of the action plan. At the same time, the school has access to Paul’s wider experience throughout the review.

The review will involve analysing data, speaking with leaders, learning walks with leaders, speaking with staff and support staff and most importantly, speaking with groups of pupils, both PP and non-PP pupils. Paul will bring with him a wealth of ideas and experience to help you to improve the progress of your PP pupils.

A pupil premium review may have been proposed following an inspection, or it may be that a MAT has concerns about PP pupils in a school, or that a school wishes to examine the performance of PP pupils in more detail in order to to improve their performance.

A report and action plan will leave you with a cogent way forward, subsequent to the review.