Support with Synthetic Phonics

Literacy is a large component of the new Ofsted framework. From Early Years Foundation Stage, through to KS3, synthetic phonics is increasing viewed as the key to improving reading and writing. I am tasked to look in-depth at phonics in every school I inspect, listening to selected readers in Y1 and Y2, together with looking at how phonics and other literacy interventions are being used to promote success in English. Teachers have to be skilled in the delivery and application of synthetic phonics, as a result and are asking me to help. Via the services of a consultant and colleague, expert in providing support for phonics at all levels, from EYFS to Y7/8, QA South-West is able to provide for this need.

If this is an area where you feel that your school needs support, please contact Paul and we’ll discuss what can be arranged to support your staff, or individuals.